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No More Dieting
From the day you begin a Weigh Down seminar, you will never again count a single calorie or fat gram. There is no gimmick to Weigh Down. We will never approach you to buy our foods or our pills or our exercise equipment...because we don't have any!



Registered Dietitian, Masters Biochemistry, University Instructor Foods and Nutrition 5 years
Gwen Shamblin was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, with a strong faith and foundational values. She grew up with a medical background, making rounds with her belated father, Walter Henley, M.D., who was a General Surgeon. She received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Masters Degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Mrs. Shamblin was an Instructor of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Memphis for five years, and she worked with the city’s Health Department for an additional five years, helping specifically in the areas of overweight, obesity, pregnancy, and child health. | more


100lbs+ Weight Loss Testimonies
The following testimonies are real stories from real people who have lost 100lbs or more by applying the principles taught by Gwen Shamblin through the Weigh Down Ministries! Have Hope, you can do this too - without counting calories, without strenuous exercise, without expensive medical procedures. Read on and see how God has restored physical bodies and spiritual hearts ... | more